Former MP Bansal expresses shock over rape incident; says women have lost faith in police



18 November 2017 


Deeply saddened by the increasing incidents of rape in the City Beautiful, former Union Minister and ex-MP, Pawan Kumar Bansal, has called for the need to strengthen police patrolling especially at nights and take appropriate measures to restore the lost faith of women and public at large in Chandigarh’s safety.

Expressing tremendous shock, Bansal said in a press statement that there was a time when Chandigarh was considered to be one of the safest cities in India for women. That was the reason why so many girls from neighbouring states shifted base to Chandigarh to complete their education, as both the children and their folks believed that the law & order in UT is the best in country.

“Yesterday’s gang rape of a student coming back to her PG from a coaching institute is deeply distressing and once again, raises questions about women’s safety in Chandigarh. Similar incident took place in December as well, and in March, a woman narrowly escaped from gang rape by jumping from an auto rickshaw again. What I fail to understand is that what is taking it so late for the UT police to crackdown these antisocial elements committing crimes one after another following the same modus operandi?” asked the ex-MP.

Bansal’s anguish didn’t end here. He is equally incensed by the news of an Electricity department officer who was beaten to death while he was just doing his duty at a Sector-25 colony. “Shouldn’t the special team of electricity department have been provided with a protection cover by police beforehand, when it was planned that the department officials would be going to disconnect electricity connection in an area where strong protests were expected?” asked Bansal.



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