Five Star Hotel irked over dumping of waste in adjacent plot



13 July 2019


WelcomHotel Bella Vista located in Sector 5 here, is facing problems from illegal dumping of construction waste(Malba) in the plot adjacent to the hotel. The dumping has turned into an eyesore for the area and being bang next to a five star hotel, it is giving sleepless nights to the hotel management. The dumping is being done despite installation of board signs, which prohibit the dumping of construction waste.

Rishabh Mohan, Head of Administration at WelcomHotel Bella Vista said, “We are writing to the concerned local authorities about this issue, as unfortunately no action has been initiated. We are taking it very seriously because the image of our hotel is involved, more over as a social responsibility with the monsoon rains already arriving , we should keep our surroundings neat and clean to avoid breeding of mosquitoes & flies.”

Mohan further said, “We are receiving many complaints from our guests. Many say that if we look out of the room window we see garbage on both of the Hotels adjacent plots.”

Due to the dumping of garbage, the cleanliness project, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of Panchkula administration has come under a cloud. The problem needs to be arrested forthwith to stop the open ground from becoming a free for all dumping space for garbage and malba.

Priya a resident of the area said, “Dumping of garbage & malba in the ground is very annoying. Sector 5 which is considered a posh area is now losing out on cleanliness due to such dumping.”

Anubhav a morning walker, said, “We used to go on morning walks in the area but now we cannot do so due to the malba strewn all over the place.”

Shreya a resident said , “With the dumping of garbage in the vacant plot flies and mosquitoes have also increased which can pose a health threat.”

The authorities need to take immediate action to stop the use of the open space near WelcomHotel Bella Vista for dumping garbage & malba, to resolve the problem.


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