First of its kind headache clinic comes up at Fortis Mohali



14 April 2018


Fortis Hospital, Mohali launched first of its kind Headache Clinic to curb the menace of most common neurological disorder, Headache, here today. The Fortis Headache Clinic is administering recently advanced treatments in this field to provide adequate treatment for all sorts of headaches, especially Migraine.

“Migraine was ranked the third-highest cause of disability worldwide in both males and females under the age of 50 years in recent Global Burden of disease assessment. In India, prevelance of headache ranges between 25%-50% in different regions. Whereas, in Punjab area, a new type of turban headache is found to be quite prevalent in the young adults. I myself have witnessed over 17 cases in the last 4 months,” said Dr Amit Shankar Singh, Attending Consultant, Neurology, Fortis Hospital, Mohali.

The basic classification of headache disorders as drafted by International Headache Society (IHS) branches the disorder in 3 broad groups, i.e., Primary headaches, Secondary headaches, and Painful cranial neuropathies. Wherein, Primary headaches are the most common headaches and comprise of Migraine, Tension-type headache, Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgias and other primary headache disorders. Secondary headaches have many causes and these need to be ruled out by proper investigations.

Speaking about the diagnosis and treatment, Dr Amit said, “To find out the cause of headache is very important. Without proper diagnosis, headaches cannot be treated. Therefore, it is important that relevant investigations are done, and the treating facility should be well equipped with all recent techniques in imaging and lab investigations required for diagnosis of headaches.”

“MRI machines with MRA and MRV facilities, which can even detect miniscule lesions in the brain is required. Functional imaging techniques are also sometimes required for proper diagnosis of headaches. Relevant lab investigations are also necessary for proper diagnosis”, he further added.

Internationally acclaimed neurologist, Dr Amit shunned the myth that migraine cannot be cured, with the fact that it can be completely cured with proper medical management. “People often believe that headache treatment should be started only when it gets chronic, occurring daily. However, in migraine, generally prophylactic treatment starts when headaches occur for more than 3-4 days in a month and are associated with significant disability in performing daily activities of life during headache episodes”, he said.

Dr Amit further emphasized that the patient should seek immediate help when headache comes with an unresolved loss of vision, uncontrollable vomiting, fever, neck pain, focal deficits in the form of deviation of eyes, and limb weakness or loss of consciousness.

“Headache as an illness or disease is a sleeping giant, as initially, it appears unpretentious from outside to those who are not suffering from it. But, when it is fully fledged, it is havoc on the individual who is on the suffering end. Precious days and nights of life are wasted from migraine and tension type of headache. So, proper treatment with headache specialists is of utmost importance along with lifestyle changes for the cure of headaches”, concluded Dr. Amit.


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