Father’s Day: Book ‘Dear Son: Life Lessons from a father’ authored by Sandeep Sahni unveiled



20 June 2021


On the occasion of father’s day – a city-based writer, Sandeep Sahni, who is a financial planning and wealth management expert by profession, shared details about his book ‘Dear Son: Life Lessons from a Father’ here.

While unveiling different aspects of his new book, 56-year-old Sandeep Sahni, who is also the President of Chandigarh Club, shared, “Fathers’ play an important role in shaping the future of their kids not just economically but emotionally and morally as well. The book is all about the valuable life teachings that a father can impart to his son. The book further provides an insightful knowledge of life and teaches how to overcome setbacks and manage work & life successfully. I have talked about the importance of dreaming big and even what should be the role of religion in one’s life, the power of optimism and have also shed light on how to learn the art of saying ‘No’ among other issues.”

The 294 pages long book consists of 21 chapters, which are based on different themes, such as How to Handle failure, Luck vs Skill, etc. Each chapter illustrates the experiences of the author, & imparts readers with an abundant knowledge of life & work.

The author, who has given the book as a gift to his son on his 21st birthday said, “What could be a better gift a father can give on his son’s birthday than his experiences about life in the form of a book. Instead of going for materialistic things – I chose to pen down a book, which I firmly believe will stay with him for the rest of his life. Not only my son, the book can be a guiding force for all teenagers & young adults who have started on their career journey in the new phase of their life .” Said Sandeep Sahni.

Sahni who has been writing blogs and articles for many years, informed, that one of the best ways to share knowledge with others is writing. He further said that he avidly enjoys the works of writers like Robin Sharma and Rhonda Byrne. Sharing the details of his upcoming project, Sahni who studied at St John’s High School, Chandigarh, is an alumnus of India’s famous SRCC in DU and the prestigious IIM Lucknow, said that his new book ‘What my MBA did not teach me about money’ which has been co-authored by him will roll out soon.

Meanwhile, ‘Dear Son: Life Lessons from a Father’is a self-help genre offering & is a treasure trove for young adults who will get answers to all their queries about life and it’s intricacies. The points raised by the author in the book is it’s USP. Sandeep Sahni talking about  further said, “Some other very pertinent aspects that have been addressed by me in the book include how to handle ‘death and tragedy’ which are bound to be part of life, the role of money, some hard facts like why talent is not enough, what is real happiness and even why and when should one take risks.”

The author also announced details of a creative way for young adults to get a free copy of the book. To bag a free copy of the interesting book, the applicants’, have to share a lesson that they have learnt from their father through using video, audio, or text while using the hashtag #LifeLessonsLearntfromaFather. The top 50 entries will be selected and given a copy of the book.


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