10 July 2018


People, nowadays trying level best to buy media publicity which was today witnessed by a fake footwear designer 28 years old Rajinder Kumar who claimed to developed ‘ Women Heal Cover’ but failed to impress media during a press conference held today at Chandigarh Press Club. Amidst two semi clad models, Rajinder gave best possible photo shoots of him and his products but seems ‘cleaned bowled’ on patent product. A few journalists showed the websites where the said products are already being sold which clearly refute his claim. Rajinder said he is inspired by his sister who devised these Heel Covers whereas they are already in fashion since a long time globally.

Further to that, Rajinder said, he want to patent his product in India wherein he was ignorant about the fact the products are patent universally. Argument between journalists and Rajinder remains continue and on being asked about his degree and experience as a footwear designer, he remains mute to impress the audiences.

His website clearly suggests that he was in expansion mode via franchisee model for which he sought hefty fees. He organised press conference just to enhance his profiling to impress his customers and future investors.


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