29 August 2017


Dr. Ankur Pare is a famous educationist, author, sociologist and social activist of India. He has made many records of success at an early age. He is Ph.D. from Sociology Subject and he had done M.Phil. (Sociology), UGC-NET (Sociology), M.A. (Sociology), PGDCA, B.Com (Taxation). Recently he is Post Doctoral Fellow in ICSSR, Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India. His Book is “Sociological Study of the Displaced Families”. Dr. Ankur Pare belongs to the rural agricultural family. His father is a farmer and mother is housewife. Despite having a rural background, he achieved success by his own efforts.

Question : Tell us about your Sociological Research? How did you come to the field of research?
Dr. Ankur Pare : I worked in the area of ​​Social Contribution since 2002. I used to work in rural and urban areas and seen their problems, since then my attitude towards scientific research has increased. I am working on Development Sociology, Religion Sociology, Political Sociology, Population Sociology, Gender and Society, Enviromental Sociology etc.

Question : What is the difference between natural science and human science? What is the status of human science in India and what is the future of it?
Dr. Ankur Pare : Natural Science includes Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Earth Science, Atmospheric Science, Oceanography etc. Human science includes Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Genetics, Psychology etc. Human science and natural science are two aspects of a coin. Natural science is incomplete without human science. In India, the common people think science only as natural science, but human science is as important as natural science. Human science is being developed in India but the honor of the Human Scientist is high in abroad, but now the demand for Social Scientist is increasing in India due to the emerging social, political, developmental problems. The future will be the Golden for Social Scientist.

Question : Why did you choose the field of human science?
Dr. Ankur Pare : I had taught in a private university in Madhya Pradesh but got more freedom to work in the field of Human Science. Understanding the problems of the society, thinking of their scientific solutions, making social policies, giving mitigation measures to social problems etc. and this all attracted me for this field.

Question : What do you think about India’s school education system?
Dr. Ankur Pare : India’s school education system, whether it is from the CBSE Board or the State Education Board, promotes cramming. Our Indian education does not focus on practical knowledge. The children cram to get high percentage. Percentage and grade are considered as education.

Question : In India, the parents only pay attention to the percentage and the grade. How will this conception be removed, which has developed in India?
Dr. Ankur Pare : The middle class families in India give more importance to the percentage and the grade because before 1985, people get job on the basis of percentage but now there is no importance of Percentage in Competitive Exams. Now for the students the concept and understanding of the subject is more important. It is important for parents to understand that success cannot be achieved on the basis of Percentage and Grade. In the era of globalization the students can achieve success on the basis of their talent and practical knowledge.

Question : How should be our school education system? What should parents do for this?
Dr. Ankur Pare : In our school education system, children up to nine should be free from bag (basta mukt). Understanding towards subjects should be improved. Creative development of students is very important. According to the present scenario, it is necessary to give practical and employment oriented education to the students. It is not necessary to make an expert of every subject. Student should choose their subject according to their interest. Parents should not give pressure on children for percentage and grades because the psychological problems begin to start in the children. His mental development is blocked and the child begins to feel inferior. Nowadays the teenagers who are addicted to drugs and do suicide is due to pressure of percentage.

Question : What should be done to improve Indian Higher Education?
Dr. Ankur Pare : First of all, it is very important to promote research in Natural Science and Human Science in Higher Education because good people should come to the Research field to solve new technology and human problems and for this it is important for the Government to make significant changes in education policy. Our Higher Education system will be developed if Academician and Researcher will get good salary, status, respect and they will remain free for research. We will be able to deal with the challenges of globalization emerging. First of all, after doing every course, the student can be self-employed and can get employment easily, it is important to promote professional courses. It is very important to make the career of Higher Education more attractive and to promote research in the field of technology. After doing IIT, AIIMS and MBBS, the students are not going to that area but they go to the field of civil services which reflects the success of Higher Education System. The field of higher education has not been as attractive. So it is very important to make the career of higher education more attractive.

Question : You are from a middle class family, how you achieved great success in the field of higher education while your parents are not so aware and educated ?
Dr. Ankur Pare : Firm faith in God has given me success. I give credit for my all success to my spiritual guru. I have done every work by preparing strategy, worked hard for it and given time. I have never set my goal by seeing others. I set my goals according to my interest and tried with full enthusiasm, so I got success.

Question : You got many important international and national awards, how did you do this with education at such a young age, While your family situation was not so favourable ?
Dr. Ankur Pare : I have always done all the work by making time management. I did not waste time with friends and relatives even though I have always given them quality time. I had never gone in marriages, birthday party etc. Success is the result of the hard work done from many years.

Question : Are you on social media? Most of the youngsters nowadays waste time on social media, how do you manage social media?
Dr. Ankur Pare : Yes, I am on social media. I’m having account on LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page. I am using social media continuous in a creative way. My official website is I write article or sociological research on social media and Social media helps me to see the feedback. Through social media, I get help in understanding society better.

Question : Do you watch movies? Which is your favorite movie and program?
Dr. Ankur Pare : I watch only few movies because I do not have a time, and I watch only motivational or inspirational movies and programs . My Favourite movie is Bruce Almighty, Three Hundred Movie, Nil Bate Sannata, Wednesday, Kumphu Panda etc. In the program, I watch the old episodes of Taraka Mehta ka Ulta Chasma in Youtube. I don’t give much time to movies and programs.


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