Emotions flooded during Mothers day celebration at Career Point Gurukul Residential School at Mohali-Chandigarh



18 May 2017


Once upon a memory lane it was a common practice of son washing the feet of his mother and seeking blessings. This custom was brought live recently with a thought provoking twist at Career Point Gurukul, Mohali when daughters and sons both participated at feet washing ceremony with flowers and kusha to celeberate mothers’ day. This happens to be the first time where gender equality and mother child emotions were integrated in the most traditional way and mothers were surprised and overwhelmed by the gesture of the residential school at Mohali that is an initiative by legendry Career Point Group based at Kota. This custom was later followed by group songs, dance, skit and games organised by the students and faculty for the mothers. The mothers also danced to the tunes of their wards’ favourite songs. The director, Mr. Umed Singh reflected that both school academics and our rich culture should never be treated secondary when it comes for preparation of competitive exams and  Gurukul offers integration of all these in a balanced way. The principal, Mrs, Neetu Saini further added that society can be enriched only if the mother inculcates moral values in both sons and daughters alike and we ensure the same at Gurukul. The splendid photography and videography credits of the event are of Mr. Vinayak Dev and Mr. Dheeraj Rathour of Pixels Photography Club, DAV College Sector 10, Chandigarh.


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