Drill conducted by NDRF ( National Disaster Response Force) Team in GCCBA Sector 50



28 February 2019


NSS unit of Government College of Commerce and Business Administration, Sector-50, Chandigarh in collaboration with Disaster Management Committee and Environment society (AVNI) organised an education drill by NDRF in the college campus on 27th February 2019.

The evacuation drill to create awareness about disaster management techniques was conducted by Inspector Mr. Bhivani Singh Rathore, SIGD Mr.Ankit Yadav and 12 other members of NDRF team.

The Dean of the college Mr. Amarpreet Singh Sijher, Vice Principal of the college Dr. Bikramjit Kaur, Ms. Aanchal Malik, Convenor -AVNI and Dr.Renuka Mehra, faculty members and 300 students of the collage including 140 girls and 160 boys attended the event.

The NDRF Team showcased evacuation drill through use of CRIS tools and equipment in case of calamities where special attention was given to evacuation techniques in case of an earthquake; since Chandigarh is an earthquake prone area. Use of vertical and horizontal approach to search and rescue victims to safer places quickly was suggested. The relevance of fire extinguishers in high rise building was taught to the students and faculty members.

It instilled a sense of preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation in the students as many even participated as volunteers in demonstration of evacuation techniques.

This event has been of utmost importance in an era of frequent natural and man- made disasters where we need to be equipped as first respondents to be a help to the society .


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