26 March 2018
Dr sarabjeet singh a  speaker of acclaim in the field of  orthodontics has been invited by the Prestigious  Sri lankan orthodontic society to  deliver a   Guest lecture on  Speedo Orthodontics on 25th march,2018 .
The gathering comprised of eminent orthodontists and post graduates of Sri Lanka. The lecture was presided by Dr K Paranthamalingam,President of Srilanka Orthodontic society and Dr W M Senadheera,past President of Srilanka Orthodontic society.
Dr sarabjeet laid strong emphasis on the fast and rapidly changing scenario in the field  of orthodontics. He appriased the gathering about the newer and more advanced bonding procedures in Orthodontics.  He also highlighted the fact that with the advent of time shortened  conservative interventions which are now available today for treating malocclusions namely lasers and self ligations and  medications have the potential to immensely  benefit  the patients for whom oral hygiene and shorter treatment time  is a top priority.
He said that Speedo Orthodontics is changing the  way orthodontics  is and will be percieved in the future.
Dr singh has been delivering lectures on speedo orthodontics across the world and has been spreading it’s knowledge and knowhow amongst the postgraduates for its implementation so as to enable the public to avail the benefit of the  newer treatment modalities.
Dr Navreet Sandhu also emphasised on the use of dental microimplants in Orthodontics.


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