31 October 2020


In a skillful adaptation of technique, an 18-year-old boy was treated with bilateral hip replacement to treat his Juvenile Arthritis by a team of doctors at Fortis Hospital in Mohali recently. The technique is quite common to treat elderly patients. However, it was unique to adapt this technique for treatment of the young patient. The procedure was successfully performed by Dr. Sandeep Gupta, Senior Consultant Orthopaedics, Fortis Hospital Mohali.

Recent advances in bio-engineering technology have led to hip implant with a longer life, decreased wear rate and improved stability. With an appropriate patient selection and skillful surgery, the scope of hip replacement in treating younger patient has become possible.

The patient was suffering from juvenile arthritis (a crippling disease with the fusion of joints of the spine, hips, and other major joints) and was bedridden in agony with severe pain and was dependent on others for his daily routine. The patient was successfully operated upon for total hip replacement of both hips (one at a time).

Dr Sandeep Gupta said, “He was mobilized soon after first surgery with a walker and after regular physiotherapy, was able to mobilize himself with a stick and eventually without any walking aid. The patient is now back to full activities and earning his livelihood. He is soon planning to get married.”

“This emphasizes the role of THR in a selected young patient with a severely debilitating and crippling disease of the hips and goes a long way in improving their quality of life,” added Dr Sandeep Gupta.


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