Dhanuka Agritech Limited launches new products for paddy, cotton and chilli crops



1 May 2019


Dhanuka Agritech limited, one of India’s leading Agrochemical Formulations Company, today launched new products for paddy, cotton and chilli crops.With addition of these new products, Dhanuka Agritech would be able to provide a complete solution to the farmers and help improving overall health of cotton and chilli crops.

CHEMPA an effective, pre and post-emergence herbicide controls broad leaf weeds, sedges and grassy weeds in paddy; APPLY is a new technology based systemic insecticide to control brown plant hopper whereas the most awaited insecticide- LARGO, a solution to the cotton and chili farmers is useful in controlling major insects in these crops.

CHEMPA is based on Japanese technology. It is mainly absorbed through plants root, translocate in plants and inhibit root and shoot growth of weeds. CHEMPA is highly effective and requires low doses. It will help paddy farmers to reduce cost for weed control in their fields.

APPLY is one of the best technology available in the world to control BPH which is a serious pest that can cause significant harm in later stages of paddy crops. It has potential to cause losses upto 50% and in past has caused serious damage in some of the major rice growing states.  APPLY’s 3 way action gives complete control on BPH. Just after spray, BPH stops feeding, thus checks losses immediately. APPLY also stops egg-laying by BPH, thus helps reducing resurgence of BPH. It also requires less no. of sprays  then other products available in the market, so it even helps in reducing cost of paddy farmers.

The “Green Chemistry Challenge “award winner- LARGO is the world’s best thripicide and offers excellent control of important insects on the Cotton and Chilli crop such as Thrips (Thripstabaci), Spotted boll worm (EariasVittella) Leaf eating caterpillar(Spodopteralitura),Thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis) , Pod borer (Helicoverpaarmigera) &Leaf eating caterpillar (Spodopteralitura/ Spodopteraexigua).LARGO acts on the target pest either by ingestion of treated leaf or through cuticular contact. LARGO is a fast acting insecticide on target insect which ceases insect feeding within minutes of first exposure.Application of LARGO between 50-70 days after sowing in Cotton and two rounds of LARGO spray alternate with other chemistries in between 45-90 days in chilli is recommended. Being a Green triangle molecule, LARGO is also very safe to beneficial insects

Commenting on the launch of the new product,Mr. Partha Sen Gupta, Sr. General Manager – Marketing, Dhanuka Agritech Limited said, “Since inception, Dhanuka Agritech Limited has been committed to provide world class complete agro solutions to the farmers.In keeping with this thought, we have introduced new products for paddy, cotton and chilli growers. All the products are based on new chemistry which will help farmers to get better yield from their crops. All our products are well accepted by the farming community and our regular new introductions is the reason our agri solutions are consistently considered by our farmer friends.”

Dhanuka Agritech would be launching CHEMPA and APPLY across all major paddy markets of India in the coming days.The product will soon be available through a wide network of dealers and distributors. The company, which also manufactures and sells more than 90 world class products in India, has ambitious plans to market the new products through its promotional activities.


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