Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana effigy burnt as symbol to extremists element by Punjab Democratic Party



28 January 2021


Our Party supports non voilence. Voilence only destroys.My appeal to all  extremists  minded is to  keep calm, it is not just about one person, it is about whole country. Peace shall prevail. It is upto present govt to make peace or create an unrest in whole country added Punjab Democratic Party Founder President  Gurkirpal Singh Mann.

Maan lashed at all disturbing elements of the society  and said Why are you distrubing the peaceful protest of farmers ??  We are  against extremist group and  also against Modi government for not giving solution to problem, rather than creating unrest in the country. We the people of Punjab wants to live peacefully, enough of damages in 1984. 

Peace ,harmony and dialogue is only solution to any problem in the world and we are not different then rest of world but Modi Govt also must understand scale of agitation and gravity of issue and must settle at the earliest said Mann . There are thousands of families at singhu and other  borders, a small mistake and put the whole country on fire. Matter must be solved with priority to countries sovereignty and integrity. Extremist element is trying to mislead the issue of farmers.

Worth mentioning that Punjab Democratic Party is also contesting most of the seats at Mohali  MC Elections and has support of various employee unions and association of Mohali and surrounding areas.


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