22 October 2019


DAV Postgraduate College, Sector – 10, Chandigarh, under the ambit of DAV Waste processing Unit and Scientific Society under the guidance of Dr. Raman Soni from Department of Bio-Technology, carried out an awareness drive at the college and its surroundings. Dr. Pawan Kumar, Principal of DAV College flag-off the event and motivated the students for the active participation and work for plastic free campus. He emphasized on the eminent environmental changes taking place around us and pressed on the importance of hygiene, cleanliness. He showcased the importance of taking the masses along for a much prosperous and plastic free environment. This was one of the endeavors by the college to undertake initiatives in context to the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan. The students and faculty members took pledge for not using the plastic in daily life. More than 150 students along with students of Youth Service Club and Convener Dr. Rosy Ahluwalia also participated in the event. The awareness drive carried out by the students vowed to shun single use plastic and highlighted its ill-effects on our environment, plants, animals and human beings. Students also carried placards pertaining to the collection and processing of waste. Students and teachers of DAV College insisted to keep our country clean. The plastics and other items were picked up, collected separately and sent for proper segregation. We need to sincerely acknowledge the fact that mankind should refrain from plastic usage for the sake of environment and our future generations. Large number of students stressed for saving our home planet earth from this ever-increasing environmental evil plastic. Plastic has been degrading our planet with accumulation of huge plastic and derivatives in our air, waters and soil. Plastic is currently acting as cancer for our surroundings and earths ecosystem. It takes thousands of years to decompose and disappear from earth. Plastic releases toxic gasses when burnt and spoil our ground water and soil if buried under the ground. It blocks the replenishment of ground water too. This awareness drive organized by DAV College student’s for the conservation of our ecosystem is a part of many other objectives undertaken by the college in the recent past. Those initiatives include processing of different kinds of waste, installation of bins for the organic dry waste and organic wet leading to manure production, and develop methods of micro and bio-decomposition of plastic by the micro-organisms. College is currently undertaking many activities like tree plantation, vermi-composting and microbial-composting.


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