26 July 2019


The festival of Teej was celebrated with warmth and fervor by well known brands of Tricity – Dance Pe Chance and Kushan Productions. The brands are now aspiring to enter the arena of Bollywood also.

Mrs. Jagdeep Kaur, managing director, Dance Pe Chance and Kushan Productions said, “This festival is related to our Punjabi virsa and along with this event, Dance Pe Chance and Kushan Productions has also completed 5 successful years of action. We are happy to celebrate the success of our organisations and hope for many more success stories to create.”

Mrs. Jagdeep Kaur, on returning from her Europe trip, had planned few interesting events for this occasion. Ladies performed dance numbers on live Dhol presentations, played various games, participated in Tambola and enjoyed Punjabi food. A ramp walk was also organized and everyone enjoyed to the fullest.

Gifted Phulkari Dupatta to Ladies and many other lovely gifts given to ladies in many games played.

Everyone enjoyed the event and appreciate the arrangements.


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