21 May 2020
Global agriculture company Corteva Agriscience announced the AcreNext next generation rice farming program to engage with rice farmers before the sowing season commences in Punjab and Haryana. The program is aimed at enhancing the understanding and knowledge on the benefits of adopting direct seeded rice – a resource-efficient technology that overcomes limitations of traditional cultivation techniques and improves the productivity and profitability of rice farming.
AcreNext is an integrated direct seeded rice program meaning hybrid rice seed is planted directly into the rice main field. The hybrid seed has better yield, can be planted using mechanized sowing services and is compatible with a highly efficient crop protection solutions that does not require fields to be flooded. This comprehensive offering will help rice farmers produce healthier rice crops that mature faster with increased yields, while being less water and labor intensive. The AcreNext program includes hands-on training and is currently offered to rice farmers in Punjab and Haryana and will soon be offered to farmers in other rice growing regions. 
Dr. KV Subbarao, Managing Director, South Asia, said that Corteva Agriscience is committed to helping farmers adopt sustainable agricultural practices. Direct seeded rice consumes less water and enables rice farming in control of the grower. Sowing with direct seeded rice is easier and crop establishment is faster. Through our AcreNext program, we provide farmers with training in better farming practices and access to an integrated solution which delivers the right product for the right acreage that maximizes productivity and profitability.


  1. We feel regret to join hands with cortewa acrenext farming to paddy. After sowing paddy all efforts has been done by companey aswell as myself .we could not remove herbs using all herbicides provided by companey and my own.every farmer is advised not to come with cortewa.palewa method is the first and lost paddy farming. A.c.dixit,Sitapur,u.p.


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