9 April 2018


With security concerns and data breaches on the rise, it is time we made cyber security our priority. While we’d hope that businesses would take cyber security more seriously, our solutions need to evolve with the threats and we need to prepare ourselves and our business to provide multiple layers of protection.

In a pioneering initiative to tackle the cyber security concern IN businesses, Connect Broadband in association with its security technology partner F-Secure has launched “Protection Service for Business” – a cloud-based service that is the best and the most comprehensive endpoint protection package on the market, designed from the ground up to solve your challenging business security needs.

The product caters to the Small & Medium Enterprises and will provide for all of their security requirements without any requirements for investments in hardware. Available in an yearly subscription for upto 3 years, customers can take this service by paying as low as Rs. 549/year. Essentially, a cost effective solution for the SMEs while solving their IT security needs.

“We are driven by the challenge of staying one step ahead of the competition. Thanks to our partners and pioneering security technologies, our products are proven to provide superior and more consistent protection than our competitors, as verified by independent security experts.” Arvind Bali, CEO, Connect Broadband

F-secure has been awarded with the prestigious Best Protection Award by AV Test Labs over last — years.

“To pass every certification test with nearly 100% protection is an excellent achievement. We are rewarding this achievement with the Best Protection award.” Maik Morgenstern, CTO, AV-TEST

Protection Service for Business is the only unified multi-endpoint security solution that comes with integrated Patch Management, Mobile Device Management, and a Password Manager. It supports a full range of popular office devices, including those based on Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows as well as mobile devices running Android or Apple iOS. It even offers server protection for Microsoft Exchange. Since devices are managed from the cloud, it promises to cut down significantly on the amount of time IT personnel need to manage and update client-side antivirus, anti-malware, and firewall configurations.

Adding and managing devices on PSB is very easy. To enroll a computer, simply click “Add New Device” and then select the appropriate license. After providing a name, email, and a phone number, a link is emailed to the user to install the endpoint software. Once enrolled, it updates and becomes available on the device list. It is important to recognize that, once the software is installed, not all protection measures are enabled until after all updates are completed. Malware protection seems to take the longest to turn on, so it’s best to make sure clients avoid doing anything daring until that update is completed.


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