Summer nights are hard in most of the North India areas as it usually is very hot out here. And it becomes somewhat difficult to find the perfect night wears which adds a attractive touch as well. And when we talk about Plus Size girls, it gets really hard to find the perfect fit and also the most comfortable ones. Are you one of those Plus size women who just wear anything at night? Do you also sacrifice your choices because you don’t get your size available in Night wears? Don’t worry you don’t need to compromise on your choices more. We have got a perfect fit yet fashionable night wears for you from “Nuteez”.

I personally would recommend this Nuteez Night wear top and shorts which gives me perfect fit and make me feel much comfortable in it. The top has the perfect length and shorts can be wore with other tops as well. Also you will feel comfortable while sleeping. No scope of feeling the heat.

The best part is it comes in Xl and Xxl size which can be wore by even Xxxl size girls. It has the stretchable material which makes it easy to even fit 1 or sometimes 2 size bigger person. The top and short set comes in very cute designs which includes polka dots, multicolored designs and plain top and designer short. You will find it very attractive once you wear it and also it doesn’t hurt your pocket much. The range starts from Rs 500 and goes upto Rs 900 which is easily affordable. You can order yours right now just click here

Checkout some more designs here

Some girls find it uncomfortable to wear shorts at home and “Nuteez” have the perfect solution for this. They also offer top and Capri set in night wears. Capri sets has very different and attractive designs which actually make it difficult to choose as you wish to buy them all. The range for Capri set starts from Rs 700 and goes up to Rs 1200.


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