25 January 2020


BEING SHE – THE celebration of “BEING BEAUTIFUL FROM INSIDE OUT” got kick started today as ace makeover expert Richa Aggarwal, Cleopatra Salon & makeovers flagged off a campaign that saluted womanhood and promoted the message of being beautiful from inside out. Joining Richa Aggarwal in this innovative drive was Suman Rao, MISS WORLD 2019, 2nd runner up & MISS WORLD ASIA and empowered women from different corners of India.

Cleopatra chose the occasion to keep with its customary vow of presenting a plethora of looks that defined features of women of substance who is strong-headed and optimistic women, be it a housewife or working women. Soiree marked the unveiling of CONTEMPORARY and inspiring looks for 2020 and makeover trends for the Millenials, who are shaping the world of style, beauty, and fashion with changing taste preferences.

Makeover’s preview encompassed a wide line of innovative and optimistic styles that reflected the tastes and preferences of modern age women and the latent potential of creativity showcased by Richa Aggarwal and beauty expert Harveen Kathuria. Joining the soiree was ace beauty expert Purnima Goyal who came from Jaipur to support the campaign.

From corporate to casual, edgy and Power-packed transformations were accentuated with Playful and avant-gardist eye makeup, futuristic braiding with vibrant highlights, cascading ponytails, wild and colorful graphic hair cuts, feathery layered blonde hair and soft wavy looks. The sizzle reached its crescendo as the models showcased styles of substance that mingled with looks for millennials in 2020. The glamorous evening also raised the curtain from the trends that will set the tone for spellbinding beauty and makeovers inspirations in the year 2020. Stunning Bahar Chawla along with beautiful models looked stunning wearing and showcasing trendsetting styles and looks.

According to Richa Aggarwal, ” We feel honored to have Miss Indian Suman Rao at Cleopatra, she has made country proud and remains a true example of women who are grounded, She is a style and beauty icon, inspiring, confident and strong-headed and truly compliments the motto of Cleopatra of being beautiful from inside out. She truly reflects the characteristics of Cleopatra who was impeccably beautiful and relished laudable accomplishments. With Suman, we are going to kick start the campaign ” BEING BEAUTIFUL FROM, INSIDE OUT, the campaign will signify the importance of Cleopatra’s motto to attain inner beauty while retaining and nurturing outer beauty. In this endeavor, we have united with our global family of inspirational women in celebration of beauty excellence and inclusivity.

Looking impressed and smitten by the work of Cleopatra Suman RAO Was all praise and said, ” I have felt very happy to wear makeover curated by Cleopatra, I have heard a lot about their work and now I have got the opportunity myself to try their salon and makeovers. For different occasions, I have tried different looks and today I am loving this power-packed and contemporary look, which is young and fashion-forward and exudes a contemporary appeal, this has surely given a different dimension to my personality. I feel spellbound with my own look and art of transformation they possess. Their campaign BEING SHE is truly inspiring and works towards changing the notion about how people think of being beautiful, I am happy to flag off the campaign with them.


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