7 November 2023


Globe Toyota, a trusted name in the automotive industry, participated at the CII Chandigarh Fair which concluded at the Sector 17 Exhibition Ground .

Vivek Datta, Managing Director and CEO of Globe Toyota, said, “Our presence at the fair was an opportunity to not only display the latest in Toyota engineering but to highlight our commitment to environmental responsibility. We aim to lead by example in setting the green standard for the automotive industry.”

Leading in Green Dealership Initiatives

The Globe Toyota display at the CII Chandigarh fair, made visitors aware about the need for maintaining environmental sustainability in operations in the automobile industry. Datta added, “We actively promote solar energy at most of our dealerships, reducing our carbon footprint. We employ automatic washing machines to save water and have replaced all conventional lighting with energy-efficient LED solutions. We believe that our role in the automotive industry extends beyond providing vehicles; it encompasses driving positive change in our environment.”

Showcasing Toyota Excellence at CII Event

Visitors to the CII event had the chance to experience Toyota vehicles while witnessing Globe Toyota’s sustainable initiatives in action. “Globe Toyota has consistently been at the forefront of promoting excellence in the automotive sector with a strong focus on environmental stewardship,” Datta said further.

The Globe Toyota participation was not only about style, performance, and innovation; it was also a testament to the dedication to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices at the dealership. It is noteworthy that Globe Toyota has been serving Punjab and Haryana since 2001, and stands as the most environmentally conscious Toyota dealership in the region.

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