8 March 2024


CII Chandigarh hosted an interactive session on the theme ‘Embracing the Digital Frontier’ as a part of the Chandigarh Annual Session 2023-24 today. The session focused on emerging technologies revolutionising the business sector and thriving in the AI economy.

During the session, Mr Anurag Gupta, Chief Executive Officer, Usha Yarns Ltd was announced as the Chairman and Mr Taranjeet Bhamra, Chief Executive Officer, Agnext Technologies Private Limited was elected as the new Vice-Chairman for CII Chandigarh UT for the year 2024-25.

Sharing his insight on AI and digitalisation, Mr Deepak Jain, Chairman, CII Northern Region & Chairman, Lumax – DK Jain Group said, “It’s noteworthy that AI and digitalization are making factories smarter, connective and less labour intensive. There is a lot more automation and digitalization in the sector but there is a lot of data which we don’t know how to harness. For that, we need a dedicated team to harness it and we need to upskill ourselves to take the benefits of it.”

Echoing this thought, Dr PJ Singh, Immediate Past Chairman, CII Punjab & Managing Director, Tynor Orthotics Pvt Ltd, added, “AI and new-age technologies are like panacea for the industry. We can do a lot of work in less time with great efficiency as it reduces human assistance. With the help of AI and technology, we can rectify the problem in no time and yield good productivity.”

On being asked about Smart manufacturing and Industry 5.0, Dr Indrajit Bhattacharya, CII Punjab & Managing Director General National Institute Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (NIRA) said, “Smart manufacturing is computerization, networking, visibility, transparency, predictability, and adaptability, which comes along with amalgamation of news age technologies. As we are shifting to Industry 5.0, it talks about HMI (Human Machine Interface) – most of the big companies are moving to Cobots where humans and Robots can work together.”

Dr Jagjit S Suri focused on the challenges in the Healthcare industry and shared, “Doctors and health care professionals are not aware of the usage of AI. Once we will be able to build a generalised model, we will be more accurate and clinically validated to identify the disease.”

About Mr Anurag Gupta

Usha Yarns Ltd was incorporated in 1995 for the manufacture of recycled yarns and company is a leader in its segment of yarns with strong sustainability credentials turnover for the year 2022-23 was in the range of 300 cr. Mr Anurag Gupta, Chairman, CII Chandigarh & Chief Executive Officer, Usha Yarns Ltd is the founder of the company and has helped steer the company in pioneering high-quality recycled cotton yarns.

About Mr Taranjeet Bhamra

Mr Taranjeet Bhamra is the Chief Executive Officer of Agnext Technologies Private Limited. The company has innovated & developed full-stack integrated algorithms, software & hardware platform, which addresses quality assessment issues across the agri value chain, enabling businesses to analyse food on-the-spot in just 30 seconds. Taranjeet’s academic prowess, evident in his B.Tech in Agricultural and Food Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, is complemented by an MBA from IIM Calcutta. The turnover of the company for the year 2022-23 has been close to 350 cr.


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