16 July 2017


Pawan Kumar Bansal, former M.P. has asked the Chandigarh Administration to register the flats allotted by the Chandigarh Housing Board under the partial self-financing scheme of 2001 on free hold basis in Sector 51-A at the rate of allotment/ transfer only and not the present market value. Bansal has said that only some of the allottees/owners who were then issued the proformas of the conveyance deeds, could get the same registered at the office of Sub Registrar on payment of registration fee of Rs. 10,020/-.

Though the Chandigarh Housing Board had received the full and final payment from all the allottees in the years 2007-08, it did not get the conveyance deeds executed in many cases. These allottees had deposited the requisite stamp duty fee for the conveyance and had also submitted three sets of conveyance deeds as required but two sets of conveyance deeds were not given back to the allottees as stipulated by the rules, Bansal said.

In the year 2015 the allottees were asked to get the conveyance deeds registered at the then prevailing market rates. These being cases of first transfer of property directly by a govt. agency i.e. the Chandigarh Housing Board to the allottees, the conveyance deeds should be registered on the basis of the price of allotment of the property, Bansal added. Bansal further said it is only in cases of subsequent transfer that the new sale price would be the basis for determining the stamp duty which is leviable only on the consideration price.

The decision to require payment of stamp duty on the present market rates has cast unjust burden on the allottees and the position should be rectified in the interest of justice, Bansal added.


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