6 October 2018


In a meeting, chaired by All India Hindu Shiv Sena Shri Ramesh Kumar (Kuku), Shri Chandra Kant Gupta was unanimously appointed as the President of Haryana State unit of the party.

The meeting of All India Hindu Shiv Sena was held at Agarwal Bhawan in Sector 16, Panchkula. In the meeting, Shri Arun Agarwal was appointed State General Secretary, while Shri Parvin Singla as Panchkula District President, Shri Sandeep Singla in-charge of Kalka-Pinjor and Shri Gopal Rana in-charge of Barabala-Raipurari block.

The dignitaries present on the occasioin included Shyopal, Mahipal, Abhaypal, Vinder Kumar, Sushil Kumar, Ashok Singla, Manmohan Dudeja and Madan Singla among others.

Shri Ramesh Kumar said, “We want to see the All India Hindu Shiv Sena strong in the state. Our objective is to serve the society in a true manner and provide solutions to the problems of the people.”


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