30 May 2017


Chandigarh Chemists’ Association reaffirmed  full-fledged support to the nationwide strike of the All-India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists Association  held on May 30 .Major issues are online sale of medicines, E portal , D Pharma must for wholesale chemist, renewal of License.President of  Chemists’ Association, Vijay Anand  said all 600 medical stores of Chandigarh remained closed in support of the strike call. We apologise for inconvenience caused to public but we are helpless because if new laws gets implemented our survival would be almost impossible.   “We are entirely against the online sale of medicines which may prove fatal for the health of patients. The online service, which the government wishes to provide to patients and consumers, shall not only result in storage problems, but may also affect the quality of drugs being supplied. Further, it shall be difficult to ascertain to credibility of the drug supplied online and the time involved in the supply, especially in case of life-threatening emergencies.” Also If E Portal is imposed upon us we will be uploading bills and prescriptions all day rather than selling medicines, Govt is also in process of making D Pharma mandatory for Wholesale chemists too which will create further unemployment.

General Secretary of the Chandigarh  Chemists’ Association Vinay Jain  said, “The Drug and Cosmetics Act shall receive a severe blow as drugs shall become everyone’s property without affixing any check on its authenticity and usability. Easy availability of any and every drug may tell upon the consumers’ health and lead to drug menace with habit-forming drugs flooding the entire country and every one is finding its easy availability at their doorstep.” “There is no doubt that if online supply of drugs is made available we are equally concerned with the threat to the livelihood of 8 lakh chemists of India with 40 lakh dependents on them. We fail to understand that when medical stores are maintaining the fixed standards and ensuring the credibility and authenticity by strictly following the doctor’s prescription, why should the government think in terms of initiating still another mode which is still untried and may lead to fatal consequences even with slight callousness on any part?



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