25 December 2020


With the Christmas and New Year celebrations approaching, it is that time of the year again when every consumer is seeking to have a cake. The world celebrates this season along with their loved ones as the year comes to an end and another begins. Keeping the same in mind, Havmor, one of India’s leading ice cream brands, is back with a unique and fine range of ice-cream cakes exclusively curated for people who love cake and ice-cream and hence, ice-cream cakes become the best combination of both worlds.  

Adhering to the authenticity of two different tastes, the brand has launched four new delightful ice-cream cakes which will bring a magical and extraordinary experience to the cakes lovers. The Chocolate Fantasy Ice Cream Cake is crafted to perfection with a generous layer of chocolate ice cream between two perfectly light and fluffy sponges, whereas the Nutty Caramel Ice Cream Cake is created with butterscotch ice cream sandwiched between two perfectly baked vanilla sponges. Topped with freshly whipped cream and mouth-watering chocolate cookies, Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake is one of the finest confectioners in the category. To exemplify the excitement and celebration with your loved ones, additionally the brand has launched one of the most extraordinary and exotic ice-cream cakes known as Heartbeat Ice Cream Cake. With delicious Red Velvet Ice Cream and topped with freshly whipped cream makes this Ice Cream Cake a love affair that you cannot resist. 

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, Head of Marketing, Havmor Ice-cream said, “Ice-cream cake is the next big category and one of the most favorite amongst the cake lovers. The taste is truly magical as it brings two different treats- cakes and ice-creams, in one. It is the delightful combination of both the desserts that makes the experience divine and unique. Additionally, we have also observed that the demand for ice-cream cakes is increasing these days and patrons look forward to such innovations, especially during Christmas and New Year. With the launch of the new flavours, we look forward to giving our consumers a delectable experience and help to make their celebration even more exciting.” 

The new exotic products start from INR 600 and go up to INR 750. Besides the current four new products, there are eighteen existing ice-cream cakes in different flavors which are available at leading general trade outlets and all Havmor parlours across the country. So, double your celebration with Havmor ice-cream cakes and make the most of it with your loved ones. 


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