21 December 2019


The world is made up of stories and each story has a lesson in store for its reader, and making the most of this virtue, Author, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach, Ritu Singal launched her debut book, ‘A Story Can Change Your Life’ at JW Marriott here today.

The book was launched in the presence of Honorary guests, Arpit Shukla (IPS), ADGP, Vivek Atray, Author and Motivational Speaker, and Deepak N Vakil, Entrepreneur, Author, and International Award Winner from U.S.A for Best Practices in Business.

Co-authored by Parul Joshi, the book aesthetically traces the journey of an agony aunt, Kyna, a wise and fun-loving woman who does not let the challenges of life bog her down and rather emerges out to be even stronger. Kyna in the book represents Ritu Singal who has counselled 5000 nationally and internationally so the stories are derived from those experiences.

“Kyna has discovered the elixir of life and she gives dollops of wisdom to solve problems in the domestic or workfront of people who seek her advice. Without sounding preachy or on a high moral ground, Kyna drives home her point with the help of interesting stories which will keep the readers hooked till the end. The solutions that she has in store are simple and can be easily put into practice,” shared Singal.

She further said, “With the help of this book, we have tried to share how we have looked at various stories and real-life incidents, and how so many people who have used this, have become happier and successful. Developing a good mental health is the core idea behind all the stories in this book. After all, you cannot just balance the table of your life with three legs!”

‘A Story Can Change Your Life’ is a collection of life-stirring stories that convey simple, practical, and time-tested wisdom of dealing with the day-to-day problems that we all tend to encounter. The nuggets of eternal wisdom in these anecdotes come from real experiences.


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