20 February 2018


Post Graduate Government College for Girls, Sector- 11, Chandigarh organized a one day RUSA sponsored Capacity Building Workshop on “Contemporary Trends in Research, Theory after Theory: Mapping the new, Re-charting the old” today, in the context of being granted a Research center in English by Panjab University. In her welcome address, the Principal of the college, Prof. Anita Kaushal stressed on the importance of keeping up with the latest literary theories and engaging with current literary trends in order to contribute to original research. The Chief Guest for the occasion, Professor Akshay Kumar, Department of English and Cultural Studies, PU, stressed the importance of life after theory and negotiation between different standpoints in literature and theory. Prof. Saugato Bhaduri, JNU, gave the keynote address emphasizing a shift from seeing literature as a utile tool for social transformation to developing a love for literature as transgression from the normative. Cultural production, articulation, affirmation and legitimisation was touched upon by Prof. Simmi Malhotra, JMI. This was followed by Prof. Anju Sahgal Gupta’s lecture on current trends in ELT, privileging the teacher and theorising from the classroom. The workshop was enthusiastically attended by more than 100 students and faculty members from city colleges.


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