24 May 2017


When was the last time you picked up a pen and wrote a letter to somebody? Grabbing a pen and writing is something most of us rarely or do not do anymore. In this digital age, most of us communicate via email, text and phone conversations, which are done at such a quick pace leaving little or no time to really think about what is being communicated. Letter writing still remains an inexpensive way to strengthen bonds in a personal way that will stand out. Even better – the recipient can treasure your note and revisit it over time. With an intention to help revive the lost art of writing, LivTek India brings to the Indian market the reputed international pen brand – Conklin All American™ collection – a lively yet stylish tool that will stand out from the crowd while still staying true to its classic roots.

 Drawing inspiration from Conklin’s original models and the rich heritage of the brand, the new All American™ collection brings a vibrant, contemporary style to a timeless oversize streamlined design. The pen is available in a choice of three finishes: vibrant Sunburst Orange, classic Tortoiseshell and the energetic Yellowstone. Sunburst Orange features vivid shades of deep orange set off by shimmering bright pearl highlights. Tortoiseshell offers a classic vintage look with a rich semi-translucent cream and brown mixture. Yellowstone is a bold and beautiful mix of pearl white, rich brown, and contrasting splashes of glowing yellow. The tapered cap tops features the famous ‘rocker style’ clip and the barrels are engraved with the Conklin® trademark and the ‘All American™’ logo. The All American™ Collection meets the requirements for those who want a large pen, one that stands out in a crowd, but which still stays true to the classic style and feel of the original Conklin® designs. Available in a choice of Fine, Medium or Stub nib grades, the All American™ offers the ideal choice for your individual handwriting style.


  • Translucent yellow & brown tortoiseshell handmade resin barrel and cap with chrome trim
  • Conklin logo on clip which is etched into the barrel
  • Twist mechanism
  • Pen fitted with black ink refill
  • Presented in Conklin gift box
  • Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 14mm
  • Weight: 26g

Writing is an art and it is dying out fast. So, if you are trying to make someone special feel special, drop your electronic device, and grab a Conklin to pen your thoughts beautifully. 


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