Blood donation controls High BP and cholesterol


First blood donation camp organized at Science City



20 March 2017

Kulbir singh kalsi

Blood donation controls High BP and cholesterol.  Blood donation is necessary for body fitness as well as welfare of society .  This was expressed by Dr. Prem Kumar transfusion officer of Civil Hospital Kapurthala on the occasion first blood donation camp at Science City  during its 12th annual day  celebration .  Further he said that now professional blood donation culture is totally banned due the awareness.

The camp was inaugurated by Dr.Rajesh Grover  where in he himself donated  of blood. On this occasion he said,   blood donation  is Philanthropic activities and is  valuable for heart  and By pass surgery, Trauma and injury cases which happen anytime , anywhere. Blood donated during blood camps can save many lives each year at the cost of almost nothing. He appealed  all employs of PGSC that they   should donate blood at least once in a year. Sh.R.C Birha Special Secretary, Red Cross Society Kapurthala and Mr.Ramesh Chandera Assistant  Secretary were also present on this occasion. Donor were awarded with certificate and badge.


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