8 May 2018
The Blood Bank Society, Chandigarh launched a THALASSEMIA AWARENESS campaign in the Government Senior Secondary Schools of Chandigarh on May 8, 2018.
Thalassemia is a PREVENTABLE, inherited blood disorder, very commonly found in this region.
It is known as the blood thirsty disorder, as huge amounts of blood are required to keep Thalassemic children alive.
There is no cure for this disorder BUT IT IS PREVENTABLE.
The aim is to create awareness about this to prevent the birth of a Thalassemic Child.
A simple blood test determines if one is a ‘Carrier’ of this disorder. 2 carriers can produce a child with the full blown disease.
Awareness of one’s status can prevent this condition being passed on to the next generation, saving a lot of suffering for the child, the family and lessening the burden on the limited supply of blood available in India.
The campaign was inaugurated at the Sector 16 GMSSS Chandigarh at 8 am on May 8, World Thalassemia Day.


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