BJP MP Pragya Thakur should be booked for misleading people: Rajinder Singh Badheri



18 May 2021


Farmer leader, National Delegate of All India Jatt Mahasabha and President of Chandigarh unit S. Rajinder Singh Badheri has said that a case should be registered against BJP MP Pragya Thakur. He said that the manner in which the MP talked about treating Corona-Virus with cow urine – it was completely misleading to the general public. The naive masses of the country may be misled by such statements of the BJP leaders and may suffer great loss.

Mr. Rajinder Singh Badheri demanded from Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan that should immediately intervene in the matter and persuade the people to wear masks in a scientific manner, maintain social distance and take full care of sanitation.

Mr. Badheri also said that everyone should get the corona vaccine on the advice of their personal or family doctor.

He said that like Baba Ramdev now Pragya Thakur has also started giving wrong and unscientific advice to the people; They must be prosecuted. Farmer leader S. Badheri said the corona-virus is changing its variant daily – that’s why in some cases the corona-virus is attacking even after the vaccine.

Mr. Badheri advised the people that this time is very critical and the corona virus should not be neglected at all; The COVID protocol must be taken into account.

It may be mentioned that ever since Pragya Thakur made a statement about treating Corona virus with cow urine, it has been ridiculed on social media and in foreign newspapers. Mr. Badheri said that such misrepresentations tarnish India’s image in the world. He said that if it was possible to cure Corona virus with cow urine, then there would be no need for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to appeal for having Corona vaccine.


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