23 July 2018

“Palak paneer, Biryani, Kali Daal are all my favorites and I can’t resist to eat them. I come from a Punjabi Family and being a Punjabi it’s kind off tough to maintain a healthy diet and figure. My mantra to stay fit is ‘moderation’. I eat everything that I love but in a moderate limit so it doesn’t disturb my diet and I also never forget to workout. Maintaining a right balance in everything is very important if you want a healthy body and skin” says Karishma Kapoor.

Karishma was in city to promote Pond’s Age miracle cream. Karishma Kapoor is the Brand Ambassador of Pond’s.

While talking about Skin care, Karishma told, ” I maintain a healthy mind along with a healthy body. Inner positivity is what reflects on your face. If you are peaceful and beautiful from inside, it will definitely provide a glow on you face and skin. Apart from that I believe in exfoliating my skin regularly and then applying Ponds cream Day cream. It works wonders for my skin.”

Appreciating beauty of ladies from her family, Karishma said, “I admire beauty of women in my family. My mom, Grandma, sister, we all are blessed genetically in terms of a healthy glowing skin. They are very simple in their ways. For them, Less is more.”

Today’s women are strong, confident and are changing the world. With their fast paced and exhilarating life, their skin is also changing and ageing radically differently. Combined with the increasingly harsh environment, the skin is losing its ability to renew itself fast and accelerating the early signs of ageing. Designed to counter these new age skin problems, The Pond’s Institute has created the New Pond’s Age Miracle that works nonstop on the skin.

“It’s a pleasure to be onboard with an iconic skincare brand like Pond’s. It’s a brand that has always been around and has become synonymous with skincare.  I’m especially proud to represent a portfolio like the Pond’s Age Miracle. In today’s fast paced world, we all need skincare solutions that help us lead our non-stop lifestyle on the go.”, says Karisma.

The New Pond’s Age Miracle  has Retinol-C Complex that works for 24-hours to help arm today’s modern women as they continue to embrace their non-stop lifestyle. She spoke about the revolutionary new technology by The Pond’s Institute, that provides two-times faster skin renewal power and releases powerful anti-ageing repair.



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