23 October 2020
A premium Cafe situated at Sector 17 A Chandigarh “Back to Source – café well-being” is inspired by the Vedic saying, “Our medicine must be our Food, and our food must be our medicine” mentioned in the Ashtangasangraha written by Vagbhata , the great Ayurvedic teacher of the ancient times. 
In its quest for good and pure coffee, Back to Source found Marc’s Coffees in Auroville, Puducherry. Marc’s Coffee is the expression of Marc Tormo, who is a coffee entrepreneur, roaster and brewer from Barcelona, with more than 20 years of international experience in the specialty coffee movement. He lives in Auroville, Puducherry and he was inspired by his travels to Ethiopia & South America to learn more about coffee culture and study the best practices to produce world-class coffees. 
Back to Source is hosted a coffee-tasting session with Marc and Vikram. The experts shown coffee aficionados how to brew the best coffees at home. Marc also launched two new flavors on the day and explain how hand grinders, precision scales, pour over filter, and kettles are helping to create a new culture of home brewing.  During the tasting session many types of espresso-based drinks made, along with demonstrations about how to drink them. 
On this occassion, Mr. Munish Aggarwal, Director, Back to Source Pvt Limted said that through this festival we want to educate people about the different flavors of coffee. Every coffee has its own history and people should know this history.
Through Marc, Back to Source found Vikram Khurana. Mr. Vikram Khurana, the first Indian to win the Silver Medal in World Barista Championship, Oslo in the year 2002. He is also the CEO of Kaapi Solutions, a dedicated coffee equipment company. 
Traceability is the most important aspect which ensures that the coffee we drink comes from a reliable source. Coffee has a huge impact on three domains: ecology, economy and society. Marc’s Coffee is based on the ‘Crop to Cup’ concept, which is fully aligned with Back to Source’s idea. 
Of the two new flavours that will be launched, one is from the Koraput tribe of Odisha, produced by Project 0, while the other is a nano lot produced by Pranoy from Kerehaklu Estate, Chickmangalur, Karnataka.
A few years ago, not many people knew what a barista does. Today, it is a highly coveted profession, as there are only a few well-trained baristas in India who can pull off the perfect shot.
Thanks to companies like Kaapi Solutions, the most advanced brewing equipment is now available in India, catering to all budgets and needs. Coffee entrepreneurs who wish to learn barista skills can enroll in training classes offered by Vikram Khurana.


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