Authors from across country interact with book lover on second day of ‘The Great Indian Book Tour’



6 February 2020


On the second day of Spartan Poker ‘The Great Indian Book Tour’ being held at CGC Landran the renowned authors from all over the county interacted with book lovers. The students and reading enthusiasts across tricity participated in the book talks.

 Talking about her book ‘A story can change your life’ writer Ritu Singal explained the real life incidents that changed her life to a great extent. “Every incident that happens has a reason and part of the great story written by the super natural power. We must trust the vibes and keep on moving in the right direction to reap the great outcome.” She said. City based especially abled writer Chaitanya Mukund raised the issue of need of parents’ support in growth of child. The writer of ‘ Shivaye-the wonder boy’ “The support i got from my parents took me the place where I am today and made me able to write a book. The society has to understand that especially abled children are equally able to do great things, they just need the trust of their loved ones”.

Prof. Sumangal Roy while addressing the gathering on the topic ‘Wall as Canvas’ during workshop provided tips about illustration creation as a tool of writing. “Art has the power to convey what verbally cannot be expressed. “ She said.  While talking on the topic ‘Power of influencing’, Chitra Sharma said that to understand the psychology of the readers and listeners one has to use examples of real life events so that the receiver can relate to that. “While listening or reading to any story one imagine himself/herself as the lead of whole conversation so the need is to make it more and more reality oriented to target the audience right.” She said.

The writer of book ‘From regular to remarkable’ Roopleen pointed out the changes in life that are required to convert life from ordinary to special. “Every human being is a special creature of nature so they must know the strength and move forward to despite being discouraged by others. Confidence is the key to excel.” She said. Author Sanjay Chandra while talking about his book ‘Life and times of a common man’ asked the readers to observe the things happening around them to make a great human being out of them. “Self experience is the best force that motivates you to write so one has to do things that come from heart. Failure is not permanent and by knowing your strength you can easily over power the fears.” He said.


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