27 May 2019


An ‘Infra Popliteal Angioplasty Course’ was conducted here by Dr. Ravul Jindal, Director – Vascular Surgery, Fortis Hospital here. The objective was to train doctors on how timely treatment can prevent amputation among diabetics.

Dr. Jindal informed, as per figures, India is the diabetes capital of the world and around 10 percent patients are likely to develop foot problems. He informed if not treated in time, around 5 percent of the patients have to undergo leg amputation.

Over ten consultants attended the meeting from across the country. The focus of the training was to teach proper technique for ballooning of arteries in patients with diabetic foot to restore blood supply, which requires finesse.

While giving further information, Dr. Jindal said, “Amputation is a big burden, not just on the patient, but also for the society in terms of social as well as economic burden.”

Dr. Jindal while explaining, why is saving a foot so difficult, said that saving a foot is difficult because not enough trained doctors/centres are there who can provide treatment such as infra popliteal angioplasty, Carbon dioxide guided angioplasty, retrograde punctures and post-op ICU care.

He informed that five cases were operated upon as a part of the course. Patients were from Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh. All cases were successful and patients are doing well. Speaking about recovery he said, patient is admitted for only two days and discharged after the procedure and follow up is done after one week.


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