27 February 2018


Allen Career Institute organized its Phagotsav along with Open session at Industrial Area, Phase 2, campus of Chandigarh for its students. The celebration was unique as the faculty members and students enjoyed Holi with flowers and did not use colours.

The Centre Head of Allen Mr. Pushkar Rai started the celebrations by inviting Lord Ganesha with the devotional song ‘Maharaj Gajanan Aao Ji’. The students enjoyed many hymns amid the pouring of flowers. The fragrance of a rich cultural heritage was seen at ALLEN’s Industrial Area Campus during the celebration. All were eager to gain the blessings of Radha and Krishna in this spiritual atmosphere. Faculties and Students also presented devotional songs during the programme including ‘Radhika Gauri Se’, ‘Yashomati Maiya Se’, ‘Kabhi Ram Ban Ke’, ‘Chhoti Chhoti Gaiyaan’ and ‘Main Nachna Mohan De Naal’. 

The campus was decorated with flowers and the event was celebrated in three sessions.

Mr. Pushkar Rai along with faculties congratulated and distributed silver medals to meritorious students for their achievements in the classroom course tests and reminded them that it is more important to learn values and principles in the class of heritage before attending other classes in order to become doctors or engineers.

The programme concluded with the song “Ruk Jana Nahin too Kabhi haar ke” by faculties for the outgoing students.


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