20 March 2018


Surprises don’t end in Sony SAB’s primetime show Partners-Trouble Ho Gayi Double.

With the increasing mysterious incidents happening in Aditya’s (Vipul Roy) and Manav’s (Kiku Sharda) lives, Partners: Trouble Ho Gayi Double has yet another interesting case for all its viewers.

Girish Kumaar, a renowned ventriloquist has been kidnapped by his puppet Gitoo’s evil twin, Bittoo. As ransom, Bittoo demands that Gittoo who is missing be sent to him. Inspector Aditya finds Gittoo and takes him to the meeting point in exchange for ransom. However, Bittoo manages to trick and kidnap Aditya as well. Through a video call, Bittoo shows Inspector Manav that Aditya has now been converted into a puppet!

Bittoo informs Manav and Commissioner Gogol (Johnny Lever) about Gittoo’s missing heart and threatens to kill Aditya if the heart is not found. In the meantime, Aditya comes out of his hypnosis and tries to save Girish & himself but is unable to do so. Bittoo’s puppet master informs Manav about the hidden diamonds in Gittoos heart.

On the other hand, Girish’s sister-in-law breaks into Dolly (Shweta Gulati) and Aisha’s (Kishwer Merchant) house for the hidden diamonds which are accidently thrown by Dolly as she believes they are fake. In a confrontation with Aditya and Manav, she confessed that she had stolen the diamonds and hidden them in Gittoo? On further investigation, Aditya and Manav also find out that the kidnapper is none other than Malik.

Commenting on his track Vipul Roy ( Manav) mentioned, “ The upcoming track of Judwa Puppet is high on fun and entertainment. The viewers are going to enjoy the refreshing track and the upcoming tracks guarantee more of comedy galore.

Will they be able to get Malik on time and save Girish?

Watch this interesting track on Sony SAB’s show Partners- Trouble Ho Gayi Double from Monday to Friday 10:30 PM


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