Abhishek Tiwari is a new Poster boy and Voice in Podcasting World



13 August 2021


When someone takes something as a challenge and puts his everything into it, then one turns out to be a winner and inspiration for manyones. Abhishek Tiwari is also not an exception. He started his podcasting journey around 3 Months back on 18th of May 2021 and within 3 months his Podcast has reached around 50+ Countries making him the First Podcaster to do so within three months.He is an acclaimed Poet and writer too, heading a Writers and Poetic community known as Poetic Atma.

According to Abhishek Tiwari No goal is small or big until you set it for yourself, in his case he wants to be the master of everything he is doing.

From being  a chef (Khansama) in Military Engineer Services under Ministry of Defence to being a Successful Podcaster with over 15k+ Listenings just in 3 months all over the world.His  Podcasts are available on the all major Podcasting Platforms like Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Jio Saavn, Gaana.com, Anchor, Apple iTunes,Breaker,Google Podcasts,Pocket Casts,Radio Public,overcast,castbox ,ivoox,listennotes and many other international Podcasting Platforms.

Abhishek Tiwari is someone who is passing out with flying colors in every field he is in,he is two times University Gold Medalist in Forensic Science and LLM,Having 5 Masters and Pg Diplomas ,4 Bachelor Degrees and 5 certifications,he is currently Pursuing his Ph.D in Legal Studies,along with doing 3 online Certificate Courses and one  Diploma Course. When we asked him why this much studies as you are already well placed,he replied politely that I want to be an Inspiration for all those who so ever think that we can’t do this or that thing as we have some kind of constraint.

According to him If you have a clear vision and goals,you can achieve anything in life.He also added that we all have only one life to make it count and do something,so we need to utilise every second of our life in a positive way by being surrounded with those who uplift us.


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