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3 February 2021


Reacting to a doctored and malicious video being shared by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s media advisor stating that the Delhi CM supports the central farm laws; the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convener and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that they will take legal action against Captain Amarinder and his media advisor Raveen Thukral for discrediting him in this regard. In an official statement, Kejriwal slammed Captain Amarinder on the issue and said, “This is a doctored video. It is shocking that Captain Amarinder has resorted to such dirty politics for political survival. I urge the media to refrain from publishing or using this video. If Captain Amarinder does not withdraw this video immediately and apologize, I will take legal action against him.”

Taking further dig at Captain, Kejriwal stated that it was highly irresponsible of the democratically elected Chief Minister of a state to share doctored videos just to gain politically. He said that Captain will not be spared this time and his dirty politics of propaganda and fake videos will be dealt with an iron fist of law. “This act of Captain Amarinder Singh has proven yet again that his ‘putr moh’ state of mind is making him act like the Chief Minister of the BJP,” he added. Kejriwal stated that instead of focusing on the children of Punjab who had gone missing, instead of focusing on the thousands of farmers protesting against the central farm laws, Captain Amarinder Singh was busy playing politics from his posh farmhouse.

“It is absolutely shocking to see a former army veteran and an elected Chief Minister of Punjab, resorting to such malicious propaganda and dirty politics to further his political agenda,” added the Delhi CM. Kejriwal further said that Captain Amarinder had proved yet again that he was nothing but a spokesperson of the BJP. “The allegations that the BJP levels today are reiterated by Captain tomorrow,” he added.


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