19 May 2021


While the lockdowns have hampered the lives of people around, many managed to imbibe the values of getting themselves a read or buying a book. And, in the midst of that, an Indie author, Vijit Govind Malviya has emerged out by getting his first novel book, ‘The Benign Hiss’ to be launched soon in the Indian space of literature.

“The reason behind penning this book was my inner force. I always had a knack for penning some or the other things, whether it was writing columns for certain newspapers, blogs or maybe even quotes, I have always been petrified by the game of words one could play. So, I took a step ahead by penning out this story and making it available for the world to see. I believe people who have interests in thriller love stories and even in mythology would bend better towards reading it out,” Vijit quoted.

The book encapsulates the story of history getting repeated as it tends to have sequences of the ancient mythology with its symbolism to the millennial world. It talks about the journey of a man who would get into the labyrinth of his life where life would throw certain situations to which he would go through a strangulating phase.

Vijit further adds, “Everything happening around, inspires me to cook some or the other tale in my mind, whether it’s an incident, or related to movies/books, it can be anything. My culture, and my life surely adds like an icing on the entire story, because it makes it better relatable with the readers; making it lucid is what I aimed to execute, so that that people would pick up the copy should not find difficult to have a read,”

Vijit Govind Malviya is a Media nut by his profession, but an avid reader as well as a writer. Been gone through a tough phase in his own life, he tends to understand better on reality of the world. ‘The Benign Hiss’ would be soon available on e-commerce platforms of Amazon and Flipkart. It would be also available in the national libraries once the pandemic gets slowed down.
Vijit also revealed that this would be the first part of the sequence book series.


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