3 September 2022


The Neurosurgery Team at Fortis Hospital Mohaligave a new lease of life to 65-year-old Rajpura-based resident, who was suffering from brain tumour, via the most advanced technique of Neuro-navigation. Any delay in surgery would have led to permanent loss of vision, and a risk of permanent coma for the patient.

Patient Rajpal had been experiencing severe headaches and his eyesight had weakened over time. Patient Rajpal visitedDr Harsimrat Bir Singh Sodhi, Senior Consultant, Neuro-Spine Surgery, Fortis Mohali,in May 2022. A brain MRI revealed a huge tumour in the back of the brain (left occipital), which was compressing the nerves and affecting his vision.The tumour had a large surrounding edema (inflammation and swelling)which was causing pressure on normal unaffected areas of the brain.Patient Rajpalalso showed signs of high intracranial pressure (increased pressure inside the brain).

Using the most advanced technique of Neuro-NavigationDr Sodhi along with the Neuro-Anaesthesia teamsurgically removed the tumour from Patient Rajpal’s brain using a high-end microscope on 14th May this year. Neuro-navigation is a computer-assisted surgery that allows a surgeon to ‘navigate’ within the brain with precision.The surgery lasted for about three hours during which Dr Sodhi took extra care not to damage the underlying brain and the visual apparatus.

Following expert Neuro-Anaesthesia care in the Neuro ICU, Patient Rajpal had a smooth recovery and was taken off the ventilator within 12 hours of the surgery.

Discussing the case, Dr Sodhi, said, Patient Rajpal’s vision started to improve from the next day of the surgery and within three weeks, his vision had returned to normal. The surgery related to  brain tumours has its own set of challenges. There is always a risk of massive bleeding from the tumour itself, leading to an increase in brain swelling, or there can be formation of a large hematoma (clot) at the operative site post-surgery. The Neuro-Anaesthesia team took all necessary precautions during and after the surgery. All these factors provided an excellent outcome to the patient.”

Dr Sodhi said Patient Rajpal has fully recovered and isleading a normal life today.


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