4th Edition of ‘Grey Shades’ for Seniors Fellowship Programme commencing from May 15



10 May 2023


Our Seniors along with Inderpreet Singh (29), the Founder of Grey Shades for Senior Citizens, a not-for-profit startup, addressed a press meet to announce details of the 4th edition of Grey Shades Fellowship program which will commence from May 15. Fellows of Grey Shades for Senior Citizens shared inspiring experiences they had at the 3rd fellowship program of Grey Shades. They all joined the meet with much enthusiasm to share little joys and large experience they had during their programme. Many of the seniors who addressed the media emotionally shared that they had left hope, and were battling with loneliness, and depression due to various life reasons until they joined the unique Grey Shades programme. The seniors said that attending the fellowship   transformed their lives for the better. 

“The Grey Shades for Seniors Fellowship programme is an experience in itself. It offers a unique opportunity for senior citizens who are living with loneliness and boredom after their retirement. The initiative is a 100-day long well-being and age leadership programme. Seniors desirous of joining the Fellowship can message or call on the WhatsApp number of Grey Shades – 888-111-8522,” said Inderpreet Singh, founder, Grey Shades for Senior Citizens.

It is noteworthy that Grey Shades for Senior Citizens is the brainchild of a young social entrepreneur Inderpreet Singh who saw the problems faced by seniors, empathetically and out of passion to do something for the veterans- created this larger than life experience, Grey Shades in 2017.  Today Inderpreet heads a team of 7 like-minded youngsters who are sincerely doing their bit to ameliorate senior citizens’ problems. 

Inderpreet added that the fellows of the Grey Shades programme are full of energy and enthusiasm. “The 4th edition of the fellowship program starts on 15th May and we want more retired people to renew and repurpose their life and join the unique fellowship of Grey Shades,” said Inderpreet. The Programme needs more people to join to experience this wonderful and honest engagement which does not end right here with the programme but goes beyond. 

Grey Shades Fellowship helps senior citizens with various methodologies and activities of the programme like Group Sessions, Dance Movement Therapy, and Expression through Art and Craft, writing therapy, food and nutrition, digital literacy, Mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Noted motivational speaker and former IAS officer Vivek Atray who is a mentor to Grey Shades said in a statement, “It is a pleasure for me to mentor the young team of Grey Shades led by Inderpreet. The hugely laudable empathetic work that they are continuously doing for the welfare of the elderly is unparalleled.”

Brig Keshav Chandra, Founder Member and Past President of Chandigarh Senior Citizen Association, also participated in the press meet and said that the fellowship programme of Grey Shades is unique in more ways than one. “It revitalizes the life of senior citizens,” he said.

The fellows of the 3rd Edition of the programme shared with the media how it helped them become a better version of themselves and to live a fulfilling and graceful post retirement life. It is pertinent that the participants of the third cohort to make their life meaningful & productive have spent 400 hours in community service as part of the program.

Sharing her experience, Rita Sodhi, who retired from the Railways and is also a cancer survivor, said that Grey Shades fellowship helped her win over her depression which came along with the chronic illness. Independence and will power to do anything and serve society is my winning story from the program, she said. 

Naresh Mehta with 32-years in government service said that he has found a new meaning for life after joining Grey Shades fellowship. “Grey Shades Fellowship offers more than what meets our eyes and we convey in words,” he said.

Veena Khanna, a homemaker who lived her whole life inside the kitchen and supporting her family, joined the program with her husband and now is pursuing her passion in singing. She is a MSc in music. “Thanks to Grey Shades, I have got an opportunity to explore the world outside home and kitchen. Now, I help women through NGO ‘Chhoti Si Asha’ to learn new recipes,” she enthusiastically shared.

Dr Devinderpal Sehgal, a Limca Book of Records holder, and an enthusiast kite flyer, said: “I consider Grey Shades as a platform to express capabilities and stay active and continue learning as one ages.”

Grey Shades is commencing once again with the fresh zeal and vision to provide a new light and goal to our Seniors with some great insight on their lives. The Programme is working for the society at large and is hoping for more people to step up and join.


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