At the time of being so much depressed and tired of finding a perfect new Job, I heard this from him. Last year I was struggling to get a new job as I shifted back to Chandigarh from Pune after 2 years. And I wasn’t ready to get into the media field again. I was trying some other fields to get fit in.

Yes these were the exact words, “You are not getting Job because You are Fat. You need to get Slim first and then you will see how easily you will get any job.” The most disheartening thing was, these words coming from the person I used to adore so much. The person I thought is there for me no matter what happens.

But obviously this is one of the main reasons why I am not with him anymore. Obviously I can’t spend my life with a person who has this thinking for me. And important to mention, I actually gave him the exact reply he deserved. The moment I heard these words, my instant reply was “I can’t believe ‘You’ saying this to me. This shows your mentality and the reason you are not getting the job yourself. And secondly, I already had 2 best jobs before and none of my boss ever had any complaint from me and my looks. Thirdly, My fatness or Slim body is not going to perform the task, my talent and skills would be doing that. So keep your cheap thinking to yourself and never dare to speak like this to me ever again.”

That was so obvious that he got offended and cut down the call. But I felt so relaxed that I gave my answer to him without being scared.

Well it’s not only him but also many Indian Men thinking the same for Fat/Plus Size Girls. Fatness is not always being unhealthy to perform any task, sometimes Fat person can do those things which even a slim or healthy person cannot do. It’s not about outside look but how much healthy and prosperous you are from inside.

Thanks to his cheap and small mentality, I am able to realize what I don’t need in my life. Today I want that person (him) to know that I am doing the best job I can do and getting along with world’s best persons. Also I have an awesome person in my life who doesn’t demoralize me for my looks rather keep on motivating me to achieve what I deserve.


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