4 Industrial visits organizes by Aryans College of Engineering



22 March 2018


With an aim to go beyond academics, Students of Applied Sciences, Mechanical engineering and Civil Engineering Departments of Aryans College of Engineering (ACE), Rajpura, Near Chandigarh visited Verka Milk Plant, Patiala; Central Tool Room Ludhiana and Avtar’s Roll and Forge Industries,Mandi Gobindgarh & Bhakra Nangal Dam situated on River Sutlej.

In verka milk plant, students got chance to know about the processing of the milk including storage, processing, flavouring, packaging, supplying etc. students were also guided about the various processes to kill the bacteria and micro organisms in the raw milk along with Curd and butter preparation.

Mr Anil Kuman, HOD, Mechanical Dept said that in Central Tool Room students were introduced about collaboration of central tool room with other industries including Samsung. Students visited various software labs, manually operated machines, numerical control and vertical machining centre.

Anil further said that in Avtar’s Roll & Forge industries, Students were shown four important sections of industry which consists of Foundry and casting unit, Boilers fabrication unit, Machining unit and Forging unit. Information regarding the operation parameters, performances and specifications and other regarding the working and operation of boilers were given to the students.

Ms. Rajdeep Kaur, HOD, Civil Dept said that at Bhakra Nangal Dam, students were informed about the process of hydro power generation. They visited the live model of the dam, structural design and working process of the dam.

Prof. B.S Sidhu, Director Administration, Aryans Group said that such industrial visits would benefit and bring a positive change in the thinking and practical behavior regarding Education and specially Engineering in the students. It provides a unique opportunity for students to gain an insight into a working environment related to a subject area.


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