22 April 2019


The versatility observed in his performances has earned him a solid reputation and has left a mark for the most of us. Give him any role and we know he will ace it to perfection. Be it unconventional roles or seemingly quintessential characters, he has, with full dexterity, managed to give stellar hits. Here we unravel the absolute most fascinating characters Pankaj Tripathi played on OTT screens.

 Madhav Mishra in Criminal Justice – A crime cum prison drama, won Tripathi buckets of critical acclaim. For Madhav Mishra, who takes up Aditya’s case, it is a case clearly out of his league. In this series, Pankaj plays a struggling lawyer, who is fighting a battle for survival.This role lets him unleash his natural self as he portrays this character effortlessly. Be it his nuances, mannerisms or the way he delivers lines, it’s hard to not be in awe of him.

 Kaleen Bhaiya in Mirzapur – The series brings alive the gang war and the earthy culture of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It revolves around Tripathi’s iron-fisted character who is a mafia don of Mirzapur. The plot snowballs into a round of progression, aspiration, power and avarice, the whole texture of this untamed city gets undermined. Mysterious, intimidating and ruthless, Kaleen Bhaiya is one such character that the audiences would love to hate in the series

 Kehri Singh of Gurgaon – A movie that showcased Pankaj Tripathi’s innate talent was Gurgaon. At the very basic it is an account of a broken family sibling rivalry in the tradition of Indian cinema. Pankaj Tripathi conveys a tasteful act as a control crack who neglects things to keep his brood together.

Catch Pankaj Tripathi’s portrayal of Advocate Madhav Mishra in Applause Entertainment’s Criminal Justice, now streaming on Hotstar


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