20 February 2023


Ziqitza Healthcare Limited responsible for 108 ambulance services across the state of Punjab has provided immediate assistance to over 196305 people from February 2022 to January 2023 of which 32794 were accidental , 6775 cardiac , 61665 pregnancy patients and 90214 emergency patients. Ambulances managed by capable staff continue to ensure that each case was handled well by timely admission to the hospital by ensuring service in the golden hour and thereby saving precious lives. 108 Ambulance aims to give every patient the best possible emergency support. 

In line with the prime objective of serving people in distress, 108 centralized call center play a significant role by promptly assisting all the cases with strong support. 

According to the request call received by 108 Emergency Ambulance services, Ludhiana reported the highest number of cases i.e. 32623 of which Accidental patients served were 4182, Cardiac arrest patients served were 869, Pregnancy patients served were 11594 and other emergency patients served were 7263. It was followed by Mohali i.e.15597 of which Accidental patients served were 2356, Cardiac arrest patients served were 680, Pregnancy patients served were 4649 and other emergency patients served were 7912. Both the cities were followed,  Jalandhar i.e, 15109, Patiala i.e, 14655, Amritsar i.e 13587 , and Bathinda 12975 with patients served. 

 108 Ambulance continues to play an active role in serving the people in need by increasing their emergency services and helping reach them timely. Ambulance Pilots are also fully trained to render treatment to patients in need. These 108 Ambulances are available across all the districts and cities of Punjab. Sharing his views, Mr. Manish Batra, Project Head, 108 Ambulance said, “108 Ambulance has always committed itself to serve the people in distress. We have developed our emergency service in such a way that we stand firm on our goal of saving every life possible in such cases. The dedicated EMT staff and Medical Team continue to ensure that each case is managed well with full compassion, empathy & attention, with no scope of deviations, this is what we continue to train our employees for. Our employees truly live the ethos of 108 ambulances and we hope they continue to become an example for others.”

“Further, we truly appreciate the efforts and support received from the Government of Punjab and Health Department, ” added Batra.”

Also being responsible citizens of the country, we must give way to an ambulance on the road, as they play pivotal role in the golden hour . Every second counts in a medical emergency, it may mean the difference between life and death.


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