7 September 2019


Jindal IVF under the aegis of Fertility Preservation Society (FPS) of India today organized National conference on fertility preservation in cancer patients at Hotel Mountview, Chandigarh. The conference was attended by more than 200 leading Medical Practitioners & fertility specialists across North India wherein Fertility Preservation in cancer patients and Barriers regarding fertility preservation in newly diagnosed cancer patients was discussed.

Prof GK Rath, MD FAMS, Head National Cancer Institute & Professor Dept of Radiation Oncology, Chief RBRAITCH, AIIMS Delhi was the Chief guest on the occasion & Prof Amita Suneja , Prof & Head GTB College, Shahdara , Delhi was guest of honour. International stalwarts Prof Clause Andersen and Dr Stine Kristensen pioneers in ovarian tissue cryopreservation were part of this conference to guide and enrich knowledge of the participating medical fraternity. Others eminent personalities present their were Dr.Umesh N.Jindal, Organizing Chairperson, Dr.Sabhyata Gupta , President FPS(I), Dr.P.M Gopinath, President Elect FPS(I)

Speaking on the occasion DrUmesh Nandani JindalLocal Organizing Chairperson & Director Jindal IVF Chandigarh said that the incidence of cancer is increasing day by day. More and more cases of cancer affecting young population are reported. But the good news is that there have been many advances in the treatment. Cancer is no more dreadful once its picked up in early stages. At young age fertility is an important issue to everyone. In today’s scenario it is of utmost importance to discuss about fertility preservation in these young adults. Fertility preservation is a ray of hope for those who wish to fight cancer powerfully and live life fully after winning over cancer.

Fertility preservation is also becoming an option for those who wish to delay childbearing for later years in life. There may be women who suffer from other benign conditions like endometriosis or other benign non cancerous tumours putting the women at risk of premature ovarian insufficiency. This means that ovaries would stop functioning and producing eggs at an earlier age than expected.

There are various ways to preserve or prolong fertility. These are embryo freezing, egg freezing or freezing chunks of ovarian tissue. Embryo freezing is the most tested one it requires sperm as well. Therefore it is suitable for married couples only. Next is oocyte freezing in which eggs are frozen and then thawed at a later date. They can then be fertilized with sperms to form embryos whenever required and can be implanted. Current technique of freezing oocytes with vitrification has greatly improved the success rates from frozen oocytes.

Case in point was a 27 year old female patient suffering from PCOD (Polycystic ovary syndrome) who was diagnosed with a 1st Stage Cancer, with due medication IVF was done of the patient and embryos were preserved for later stage to have children in future.  In another case a 18 year old female patient suffering from first stage ovarian cancer,  post diagnose and treatment Cancer was removed from the ovaries and the through process of IVF, Eggs were preserved from 2nd Ovary of the patient which could be used for future pregnancy.

Freezing ovarian tissue rather than eggs is one of the latest techniques to preserve fertility especially in young girls who have not reached puberty as yet. Those patients in whom cancer treatment can’t be delayed for urgency can also be benefited by ovarian tissue freezing.

DrUmesh Nandani Jindal, also informed that a walkathon at Sukhna lake, Chandigarh is also being organized on the occasion on Sunday 8thSeptember at 6.00 am to create awareness about fertility preservation in cancer patients. She invited all to be a part of this initiative and to pass on the information to common man.


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