30 September 2022


A total of 1760 accidental and 5203 pregnancy cases transported to emergency medical aid in the last one and half years.
30 September 2022, Bhatinda: Making pre-hospital care accessible to all parts of Punjab,  Ziqitza Healthcare Limited with its 108 Ambulance facility has catered to over 12000 people in need from April 2021 to August 2022. A fleet of 15 ambulances operate in the area with 1 advance life support and 14 basic life support ambulances. 

12 out the total ambulances operate in the rural areas and 3 are deployed in the urban areas of Bhatinda for medical assistance. Managed by highly capable staff, the ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art pre hospital medical aid support to ensure quick responsive transportation within the ‘golden hour’ of an emergency. 

Extending free emergency healthcare to people in distress, 108 Ambulance rendered its services to 1760 accidental and 5203 pregnancy cases in the last one and a half years. 

Sharing his views, Mr. Manish Batra, Project Head, 108 Ambulance said, “Our overarching goal is be responsive at the time of need, so that we are instrumental in saving lives in those critical moments. We operate both BLS and ALS fleet of ambulances in the area with trained driver and paramedics on board. With 24×7, 365 operational call centres our aim is be quick with our medical transfers. As the onslaught COVID-19 stretched our healthcare system thin with more a significant demand in patient transportation, we have deployed 3 more ambulances to our fleet since then.” 

“Further, we have assisted over 25 lakh people in last 11 years which on an average translates to 600 patients each day. We truly appreciate the efforts and support received from the Government of Punjab and Health Department in these years,” added Mr. Batra. 

As responsible citizens, I also urge that we must also yield to an ambulance on the road, as they play an important role in the golden hour. In a medical emergency, every second counts; it could mean the difference between life and death.


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